Gabriella Mikiewicz


Gabriella Mikiewicz is a specialist in migration and intercultural communication. She was born in the U.S. to Polish parents and Polish was her first language. Gabriella has lived and worked in 9 countries around the world and currently works remotely. She highly enjoys volunteering and she spends her time illustrating and learning new skills. Gabriella currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and has plans to move to Vilnius, Lithuania in autumn 2020.


Gabriella holds a B.A. in Journalism and Arabic Language from the School of Communication at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, USA and an M.A. in Migration and Intercultural Relations from the Erasmus Mundus programme, EMMIR. Her M.A. dissertation was titled, 'The intersection of networks, remittances, & migration: a multi-sited analysis of how Eritreans in Norway, Germany, and Eritrea understand and utilise transnational networks'.


For the last two years, Gabriella has worked as a Communications Specialist for EMMIR at the University of Oldenburg. This position has taught her a lot about higher education, European institutions, and migration studies from the academic and administrative perspectives. In this time, Gabriella has also worked as a Strategic Communications Intern at Seefar Enterprise working on communications campaigns related to irregular migration; as a Freelance Interviewer with the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO) on a research project related to Polish and Romanian migrants in Norway and Spain. She also volunteers with the communications team at Migration Matters and holds the position of Director of Student and Alumni Relations at the Erasmus Mundus Association. All of these positionswith the exception of EMMIR—have been remote or home-based and Gabriella has learned many skills related to remote working productivity and efficiency over the years.

A typical "day in the office" for Gabriella consists of checking out new cafes and drinking lots of coffee! This is Kathee Kaffee in Oldenburg, Germany.

Johannesburg, South Africa. I grew up with my parents working for the U.S. government, so we moved around a lot. It's only fitting I chose a master's programme with mobility as a key feature, so I was lucky enough to have studied in Germany, Norway, and South Africa.

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