About me

Finding a communications expert who deeply understands social impact contexts on an academic and personal level is hard, but not impossible. Finding a migration expert with a background in academics and research who is proficient in all-things communications is hard, but not impossible. It turns out, we do exist!


Gabriella Mikiewicz is a social impact communications professional with an academic background in migration and intercultural relations. She has worked with many communications projects related to social impact in various intercultural contexts, working on everything from graphic design, social media management, video editing, website design, online marketing, and strategy development. In her work, Gabriella focuses on how to clearly communicate complex issues—such as the nuances of migration—to a diversity of audiences. 

In addition to her communications work, Gabriella also has experience with research projects, in leadership and management roles, community engagement, and conducting training. In her spare time, Gabriella volunteers with several organisations on topics related to higher education mobility and migration.


Gabriella holds a Master's degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations from the Erasmus Mundus programme, EMMIR. She also has a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Communication from DePaul University in the U.S. She is currently based in Norway.


Take a more visual look into my life over the past few years through this gallery: