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Portfolio highlight: social media revitalization for language school

Alfaskolen, a respected and well-established language school in Oslo, is known for its commitment to top-quality education. As they aimed to expand their reach and connect with newer audiences, they enlisted my help to define a 2024 social media strategy and refresh their visual identity for social media, while still honoring their traditional color scheme.

Our collaborative journey began with an in-depth exploration of Alfaskolen's operational goals, mission, and vision. This was not just about enhancing their social media presence; it was about translating their core values into a strategy that speaks to both existing and prospective students.

Recognizing the need to diversify their content, we decided to venture into new formats like reels and TikToks, aiming to capture the dynamism of language learning in today's digital age.

A crucial part of this project was not only reimagining the visual identity but also empowering the Alfaskolen team. I conducted training sessions focused on content creation for social media, enabling their teachers to craft engaging and educational content. This approach fostered a sense of ownership and creativity among the staff, encouraging them to experiment with fun and innovative content that captures the interest of a broader audience.

In addition to the brand refresh and strategy overhaul, I'm also guiding Alfaskolen through year-long ads campaigns online, enhancing their visibility and engagement.

The impact of these efforts was quickly evident: a grammar explanation post that initially received 19 likes in September leaped to 200 likes in January. This 1,000% increase in engagement is a clear testament to the effectiveness of their refined strategy and revamped visual identity!

This project with Alfaskolen represents a balanced blend of strategic foresight, creative design, and practical training, highlighting the importance of adaptability and collaboration in reaching new audiences and enhancing digital engagement in the educational sector.


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