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Portfolio highlight: podcast branding for Comms for Good

Comms for Good is an incredible podcast by Kenza Essalama that covers all things social impact communications.

When Kenza approached me about being a guest on the podcast, we connected immediately, spent hours chatting about all things #SocialImpactComms, and brainstormed all the many ways that we could collaborate.

One way that I immediately wanted to get involved was to create a brand that would help the podcast stand out among the crowd of independent podcasts, and look professional enough to invite high-level, well-achieved professionals as guests—but also show how fun communications can be.

The journey to the brand: how we got here

Creating a brand is a collaborative process. I can easily come up with things I think look nice, but a brand has to wholly represent a company, product, or person. Each choice matters: colors, fonts, use of media, and everything in between.

With Kenza as the host and main face of the podcast, the brand had to feel personal to her, and I was given a clear requirement: it has to incorporate purple! The dark purple adds an element of professionalism as well, and then we decided to use pink as a modern pop of color that would draw people in and position the podcast as a source of entertainment as well as information.

Because the podcast would feature many guests, one challenge was figuring out how to standardize the graphics. Because people send in different headshot photos which we can't control the look of, we decided that the photos can be unified with a monochrome effect in purple tones.

I created social media templates that were ready-to-use, and taught Kenza how to create the monochrome effect in Canva as well.

At the end of the process, I handed over a brand guidebook and all of the templates, and Kenza was ready to start promoting the first season of the show!


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