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Portfolio highlight: brand identity for Migration Youth & Children Platform

In 2021, I had the privilege of collaborating with the Migration Platform for Children and Youth (MPCY) to craft a distinctive and compelling brand identity.

As a former working group within a larger entity, MPCY sought a brand identity that would not only set them apart as an independent entity but also establish their position as a go-to hub for young people seeking to engage with migration issues on an international scale.

The Migration Youth & Children Platform (MYCP) forms an integral part of the Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY), a formally recognized and self-organized space for individuals aged below 30 to contribute to and engage in critical intergovernmental and allied policy processes at the United Nations since 1992.

The overarching mission of MYCP is to bridge the gap between children, youth, and the UN system, with a primary focus on migration issues. They are dedicated to ensuring the realization of children's and youth's right to meaningful participation by actively involving them in formal and informal capacities throughout the design, implementation, monitoring, follow-up, and review of sustainable development policies at all levels.

They had received funds to create a new website, but needed a brand to build it around. My role entailed conceptualizing and designing a vibrant brand that prominently highlights the organization's commitment to children and youth. By injecting an element of fun and interest into topics like migration, the brand dispels the perceived "stuffiness" or unapproachability normally associated with policy-related subjects.

To achieve this, I chose a striking palette of bright, bold colors and a strong, contemporary font to further reinforce the brand's youthful and energetic essence while maintaining a strong sense of professionalism.

Yes, fun brands can be professional!

I created the brand guidelines and a mockup of how it can look implemented on the website, both of which were submitted to the website design team. The final website is in the process of creation from a separate agency, and will be available at


I am passionate about working with purpose-driven brands to amplify their social impact. If you are interested in establishing or rejuvenating your brand identity, I would love to hear from you!


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