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E-Commerce website design

and creation for The Hemp Folk

The Hemp Folk Website Mockup.png

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, The Hemp Folk mostly sold their products in-store. However, they quickly realised the need to sell online in 2020, and this website was born! Now, THF owners use the website to keep customers updated about new products, and are able to offer great incentives such as coupons and an affiliate programme.

The Hemp Folk's website is a fully functional e-commerce website that allows their customers to purchase top-shelf CBD products directly. The website features customer testimonials, information about their products and the business, a blog, and all the necessary tools to effectively run their business online. 


Because CBD still sometimes has a negative reputation, there were many hurdles during the website creation process to make sure The Hemp Folk was following all legal requirements to cell hemp-derived CBD online, in the U.S. and internationally. From specific wording requirements on each product page linking to the terms and conditions, to a detailed FAQ and store policy, to the GDPR consent banner, to a button confirming visitors are at least 21 years old upon entering the website, there were many boxes we had to tick before The Hemp Folk could start selling.  

thehempfolkwebsite mikiewicz.png

Other work I've done for The Hemp Folk includes: 

- Branding and Logo Design

- Package and Label Design

- Instagram Management

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