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Social Media & Community Management

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EMMIR is a master's programme of 200+ alumni. During my time working with EMMIR, I developed an online outreach strategy which focused on community engagement. I have created new social media channels, hosted events, and created content for students and alumni to engage with.

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As one of the Co-Founders of The Channels Network, I have complete responsibility over our social media channels (pun intended!). As Channels is a network, the focus of the social media strategy has been to build an online community by creating valuable and engaging content that members can relate to.

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From January to April 2021, I temporarily took over EMA's Social Media Manager to fill a gap in recruitment. I redesigned the social media strategy, created processes for various units to share their content on EMA's channels, and recruited a team of volunteers.

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THF Instagram - Mikiewicz

After taking over The Hemp Folk's Instagram account, followers rose by 205% and engagement rose from 1.1% to an average of 4%. For The Hemp Folk, I create content, schedule their social media, and spend time cultivating relationships on the platform to increase brand awareness and eventually sales.

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More coming soon!

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