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Social Media Management and Alumni Outreach Strategy for EMMIR

In November 2018, I was hired as a Communications Specialist for the European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR). Though the programme had existed for over 14 years at that point, there was barely any effort being put toward communications, which was negatively impacting the programme: too few were applying, and our outreach and community interaction was very low. No one knew we existed! Creating a communications strategy was the first responsibility I took upon myself, and I developed an in-depth strategy focused on four pillars: social media, website, branding, and outreach. 

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Social Media Management

EMMIR’s existing social media presence was limited to Facebook, and there were only 2,000 likes over the 8 years the page had been active. In the two years of managing the Facebook page, we have gained another 1,000 followers, increasing our new follower rate by 200%.

I also established a presence on Twitter and LinkedIn, and registered the programme as an academic institution, allowing alumni to link their profiles to EMMIR’s. We have had a combined 700+ followers on those channels since then.

Content Creation

Managing EMMIR's social media consists of everything from taking photos and videos of various EMMIR events, editing them, copywriting captions, and engaging with our audience. I have thoroughly enjoyed accessing many different events, being able to photograph and interview people from all over the world and share their stories with EMMIR's audiences.


Branding & Website

The main goals of EMMIR's communications strategy were to increase awareness of the EMMIR programme through online media, such as our social media and website, and through online outreach. 

The first step was re-branding EMMIR entirely. I designed the current EMMIR logo along with an entire brand identity (see more about EMMIR's rebranding here), and from there, I created a new website for EMMIR according to the new guidelines (see more about the EMMIR website here)

Our new and improved, professionalised online presence also brought in more applicants in 2019 (EMMIR did not open a call in 2020), and has also helped the programme to establish partnerships with various academic and (non)governmental institutions, improving the strength of the network, and thus overall quality of the programme.

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