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This is a portfolio piece, meaning Routed did not commission this work and will not be using it. 

“Routed is an online publication founded in the autumn of 2018 by a group of graduate students brought together by a shared interest in migration and (im)mobility. Bridging the divide between specialist academic literature on human mobility and popular portrayals of migration in the media, we hope to bring a fresh, critical perspective to the study of how and why people move. Challenging perceptions of migration as a binary choice between roots and routes, our work aims to lift up the voices of people ‘on the move’ and to explore human (im)mobility in its many varied forms.”
- Routed website*

Using the old logo of Routed as the starting point, I updated the plain serif font that was used before to a new and modern version. I kept the dotted line as a symbol of a route and a journey, but added a curved shape to it which also connotes the movement of a pen writing, which adds meaning to the logo as it was designed for a magazine. 

As for visual elements, the dotted line and the topographic map serve as recurring motifs throughout the branding. Representing travel and geography, but without falling into the trap of borders, topographic maps not only connote (im)mobility and migration, but they offer a striking and memorable visual from a graphic design perspective. 

For colors, I stayed true to the original turquoise of the old branding, but in a deeper and more subdued shade. In addition to the turquoise, I added a dark blue to add trust and professionalism to the brand.

Oxford Blue - 002147

Routed Turquoise - 087F8C


*Routed Magazine did not commission this logo and rebranding and will not be using it. This is a conceptualisation for my portfolio.

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