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#RethinkPopulism event with MigrationMatters

What is populism? Can migration explain Europe’s rise in right-wing populism? Can we find common ground with populists? This November, join EMMIR and MigrationMatters for a night of video screening and discussion about these important questions in Oldenburg, Germany.

I'm very excited to be organising this event as part of my job as Communications Specialist with EMMIR!

MigrationMatters is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin which produces free, short, educational videos on topics related to migration and diversity to encourage more evidence-based debate and reflection. They have a large network of scholars and experts on topics related to migration, and have interviewed big-names in this field such as migration scholar Hein de Haas, Samuel Hall’s Nassim Majidi, and Nando Sigona of the University of Birmingham! Their most recent video series, #RethinkPopulism, centres on some of the questions raised above and more.


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