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Portfolio highlight: Instagram strategy for gender transformative nonprofit

Today, as I'm ending a year-long Fundraising and Communications consultancy for the incredible organisation, Paper Crown Rwanda, I want to take a moment to visually highlight one part of my role that I'm very proud of: the nonprofit's Instagram, @papercrownrw.

The goals of the Instagram account were threefold:

  1. Educate audiences about gender transformative approaches through the projects PCR runs,

  2. Reach potential individual donors & keep current donors up-to-date, and

  3. Increase PCR's brand awareness for potential donors and partners to find and trust us.

Why is Instagram so important?

You'll notice in my other portfolio highlights that I've displayed some other Instagram before-and-after as part of my portfolio and wonder: why is it so important?

Well, Instagram is important. It may be on the decline, and it's changed a LOT since we first downloaded it years ago, but that's a topic for another blog post...

For now, it's still a great way to give the first impression about your organisation, tell a brand story, and engage with various stakeholders on an intimate and community level. Having an appealing, cohesive feed can instantly communicate professionalism, care, and authority on a topic.

First impressions are the most important thing on Instagram, and that's where having a feed strategy comes in.

Instagram strategy

I devised Paper Crown Rwanda (PCR)'s Fundraising and Communications Strategy which was built on two main pillars: fundraising (large grants for projects) and communications (building relationships, establishing our expertise, and bringing in individual donations).

As part of this strategy, I developed a specific strategy for each of our social media and external communications channels, and Instagram's strategy was definitely the most fun to plan and execute.

Take a look at the gif below and see if you can figure out part of the visual strategy:

Can you see the pattern? Hint: it's related to the colours of the posts!

Each month, PCR's external communications content focused on one main topic that relates to the project work that the organisation does. I used this opportunity to switch between PCR's main brand colours for each topic, in order to visually group the content and show relationships between each post. Because these are all main brand colours and they also show up in other places, the feed was still very cohesive!

This also allowed us to take advantage of other global campaigns and their colours, including the use of purple around the #BreakTheBias campaign for International Women's Day and orange over the #16DaysOfActivism against Gender-Based Violence campaign in November.

Of course, though the visual appeal of graphics and a pre-planned, organised grid is extremely important, the most important thing is the content of the post.

As part of my role, I developed the monthly content calendar which was full of informative and educational content about PCR's activities and the topics they were most passionate about, all through the lens of transforming harmful gender norms.

Well, I can't say much else without spilling too many more industry and strategy secrets, but if you have any questions on brand strategy for social media, reach out!


By the way, check out more of these portfolio highlights where I share one angle of my work in a more visual and in-depth way!


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