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Portfolio highlight: Communications advocacy campaign against border pushbacks

From March to July 2022, I worked with the incredible Suha Nabhan on a strategic communications advocacy campaign for the End Pushbacks Partnership (EPP).

End Pushbacks Strategic Communications Campaign

We worked with the EPP collective of 11 grassroots organisations around Europe to develop a communications strategy to raise awareness of illegal pushbacks and other human rights violations happening at European borders.

We created over 300 social media assets, translated into 5 languages, and with individual and local contexts considered. The campaign was delivered from May through July.

Some exampls of our social media posts for this campaign

Several key metrics and results stood out after the campaign:

  • Human Rights 360's Instagram saw a 115% increase in accounts reached in July

  • Legal Centre Lesvos had an average 133k tweet impressions in June

  • The advocacy campaign was picked up by Roar Magazine.


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