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Social media: 7 fun ways to get more creative with posting screenshots from online calls

It has been almost a year now of having moved most in-person meetings to virtual calls. Whether you've gotten used to and prefer these online calls, or whether you're so done with them, the one thing I think we can agree on is that the screenshots of these meetings shared online can get a bit boring! I really think it's time to get more creative. To be honest, I'm also guilty of posting some 'boring' Zoom screenshots, but I've recently seen some people and organisations having fun with it, which has inspired me as well.

Here are 7 ideas you can steal to make your video call screenshots more lively and attract more engagement on social media.

Important: remember make sure you get permission from people before you take and post their photo or tag them in the post.

1. Get Colourful

I loved this blue-tinted Zoom screenshot from Epic Foundation, which made the graphic more eye-catching and unique. Definitely didn't scroll past this one in a hurry!

2. Make it dynamic!

Ask people to do something fun and interesting before you take a screenshot. In the below image, I asked attendees of an EMMIR graduation to hold up 8 fingers to celebrate the Cohort 8 graduates!

3. Add a background & text

This was another post on my LinkedIn that I definitely did not quickly scroll past without looking further into. This eye-catching post by Women in Debates used a colorful background behind the Zoom screenshot, added some text to explain the context of the meeting, and added their logo. We love an on-brand graphic 👏 They also tagged the people who participated in the call, which I believe can help engagement because you are reminded that these are real people showing up on your screen, doing real things.

4. Use a mockup

If you are comfortable with Photoshop, you can use a mock-up to make your video call screenshot stand out. For those who are less proficient in Adobe CC, Canva has free templates where you can just drag-and-drop your screenshot into a laptop or cellphone frame.

5. Make it move

Why take a photo screenshot if you can take a video? Here, I used Quicktime player to record ~20 seconds of my screen during a call while we were taking some screenshots as well. In the end, it looked much more fun and interesting to see people 'in action', so I decided to post the video instead of the normal screenshots.

7. Post an IRL photo

What if... you didn't post a screenshot? What if... ok, hear me out, you posted a real-life photo instead?! This one requires at least a mediocre-looking computer set-up, which may be more than some of us can realistically hope for at the moment. However, if you're able to snap a quick photo of your desk with a call on your screen, it can add a more personable and approachable feeling to your post.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with snapping a quick screenshot and posting it online (assuming you have permission from the fellow members of your call), but these tips can help you stand out from the massive sea of 'faces in boxes on screens'. If you see any other inspiration I should add to the list, let me know!

Thanks for viewing my post! If you found it interesting or helpful, feel free to share with your networks.


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