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ChatGPT is going to revolutionise social impact communications

Let’s wrap up 2022 and start the new year by discussing one of the big topics we predict will change how social impact communicators work in the future: ChatGPT.

Chat huh?

We asked our LinkedIn followers: “are you using ChatGPT in your comms work?” The most common response: “What is ChatGPT? 😵‍💫” followed by “Not yet, should I be???”

We can see that all of you #SocialImpactComms people have questions, and you’re not alone!

So, what is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot, and it’s already changing the game for so many people across industries globally. Using it feels not so different than messaging Slackbot or any chat you encounter on a website which asks, “how can I help you today?”.

But it’s more than your average chatbot. It has the knowledge of the internet behind it. Imagine if SmarterChild from MSN Messenger (anyone else remember that?) and Google had a baby. A highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence baby that you could ask questions to. Now you’re getting the idea.


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