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Instagram Management

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Instagram Management for The Hemp Folk

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"CBD for the people! Organic, top-shelf CBD products for the best price. Utah grown and processed. What happens when a Pole and a Puerto Rican get together? They grow an impressive industrial hemp crop in beautiful northern Utah. They traditionally extract the oil. They process all the products naturally. And they sell their products directly to their friends, family, and to YOU!"

- The Hemp Folk

THF instagram mockup.png
Example content - The Hemp Folk - Gabrie

Taking an Instagram account from amateur-level to professional-level is something that takes a deep understanding of your company's target and current audiences, a good eye for design and aesthetic photos, a clear brand identity, comprehension of various analytic tools, and lots of time spent engaging with followers and other accounts. 

In this case, the client did not want a social media feed that was so 'trendy' and 'hip' (such as other top CBD brands have) that would exclude some of their customers: everyday people suffering from chronic pain and anxiety from all age groups and backgrounds. Thus, a feed of content that includes original photos, text posts, and videos that would be inviting to a wide audience was agreed upon.  

Content Creation


As part of my role managing The Hemp Folk's Instagram account, I create most of the content that is posted on their profile. From text-posts describing the effects of CBD to Christmas-themed photoshoots, content creation is a demanding but very fun part of the job! 


The client also provides some photos of their products as well, and especially snapshots from behind-the-scenes (such as of their beautiful farm!). I take all of the photos they've provided and create a unified feed together with the photos I take and the other content I create.

The Hemp Folk Christmas

Instagram Feed Before & After

The Hemp Folk Before.png
Pink Arrow2.png
THF Instagram - Mikiewicz

After taking over the instagram account, we've found a natural way to include photos from the client and from myself, text content, and even illustrations (which is part of The Hemp Folk's brand identity). 

Before I took over, the client was using a lot of Canva templates which lacked consistency, did not fit well into the feed with normal photos, and were not optimised for instagram, so parts of the images were cut-off.

THF Gummies gif.gif

Growth and Engagement


Over the first 6 months of taking over The Hemp Folk's instagram, the number of followers has grown from 179 to 534 (a 205% increase), completely organically. The engagement rate rose from 1.1% to an average of 4%. Since Instagram does not allow advertisements of CBD on their platform, we have not boosted any posts or spent any funds on other promotions of any kind. Instagram has also directly led to sales on The Hemp Folk's website through giveaways and other promotional campaigns. 

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