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Product packaging and label design

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Product packaging and label design for The Hemp Folk

Hemp Folk product design - Gabriella Mik

"The Hemp Folk: CBD for the people!
The Hemp Folk is a Utah-based, farm-to-table style CBD product distributor. We grow the industrial hemp; process the full-spectrum CBD oil traditionally, and distribute directly to YOU! Enjoy our products knowing that each item was made with absolute care and attention to quality."

Coconut Oil Logo - Final.png

Featuring the beautiful hands of @dasireeco (!


For the labels, the two founders of The Hemp Folk wanted approachable, colourful labels which were inspired by folk art. Folk art is rooted in traditions and has great importance to many communities around the world. The inspiration to use folk art motifs comes from the two Hemp Folk founders' backgrounds: Poland and Puerto Rico.

Overall, designs were created for 9 products of varying shapes and sizes, all of which are available for sale at The Hemp Folk's website. The labels and packaging designs were created in line with the branding strategy of company.

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