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Hemp Folk Branding

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Logo and Branding Design for The Hemp Folk

New Logo - Red2.png
The Hemp Folk - Red.png
The Hemp Folk - Blue.png
The Hemp Folk - Beige.png
The Hemp Folk - Green.png

Branding for a target group of people new to CBD

When approached to do branding for The Hemp Folk, one of the client's concerns was the image of CBD and hemp in popular media. The challenge was how to sell CBD to people who either think of cannabis as a taboo (such as older generations) or people who don't subscribe to the 'instagram aesthetic, picture-perfect' lifestyle of other CBD brands. The Hemp Folk's target audience was your general, hard-working people dealing with all kinds of pain and anxieties. The solution was to come up with an approachable branding style that included folk art elements (such as in the labels), illustrations, and bright, inviting colours. These things would remind customers that The Hemp Folk is a minority-owned small business making CBD for everyone.

Asset 3.png

"CBD for the people! Organic, top-shelf CBD products for the best price. Utah grown and processed. What happens when a Pole and a Puerto Rican get together? They grow an impressive industrial hemp crop in beautiful northern Utah. They traditionally extract the oil. They process all the products naturally. And they sell their products directly to their friends, family, and to YOU!" - The Hemp Folk

Online and Print branding

The Hemp Folk owners attend many events in Utah and around the United States and Puerto Rico related to selling their products and networking in the cannabis industry. The clients needed branded marketing print media, such as a roll-up, posters, business cards, thank-you notes for packages, and more. 

Roll-up 2.png

Roll-up design for attending markets and fairs

Product Poster.png

Product list for stores, markets, fairs, and other places where the products are being sold.

Hemp Folk photos.jpg

Photo by Jonas Rudžinskas (Facebook | Instagram)

Intentional Growth Farm.jpg

Photo taken by The Hemp Folk at their farm in Utah


Other work for this client

The Hemp Folk Website.png

Website Design (coming soon)

THF Instagram - Mikiewicz

Social media management (coming soon)

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