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Website design & creation for

The Channels Network

This website is still under construction. A link and more information will be provided once the website is finalised.

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"Channels is a network for communications professionals working in social impact fields. We are passionate about what we do, and we aim to continue to learn, exchange knowledge, network, and develop personally and professionally. Membership in Channels is free and voluntary. #ChannelsNet" - Channels

The Channels Network website was designed using the custom branding identity and logo that I designed (see here).

Because Channels is a network and aims to bring people together, it was important that the website featured some kind of directory where members can find each other. I built a members' area for Channels, allowing people to sign-up to become members and a place where they can edit their profile for other members to see. There is also the possibility to add exclusive pages and downloads so that members must be signed-in to access those things. 

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