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Online Network Logo Design & Branding

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"The Channels Network is an innovative global network of  communication consultants, researchers, practitioners, junior scholars, and other professionals working to provide effective communication approaches and strategies in humanitarian context. Channels facilitate the exchange of ideas, best practices, and provides assistance to communication consultants for professional capacity building." 

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Intentionally Designed

The branding of this network has several overlapping meanings. Just how the word 'channels' insinuates networking and communication, it also refers to journeys, migrations, travels, and paths, both physical and metaphorical. The branding thus was made to connote these same symbols visually.

Channels line.png
Channels Official Document Example.png

As for visual elements, the dotted line and the topographic map serve as recurring motifs throughout the branding. The dotted line represents a journey, and symbolises that our paths are rarely straightforward. Representing travel and geography, but without falling into the trap of borders, topographic maps not only symbolise a borderless, cosmopolitan globe, but they also resemble fingerprints, reminding us that human beings are at the centre of social impact careers. Additionally, these elements offer a striking and memorable visual from a graphic design perspective. 

For colours, I chose to stick with a dark navy which symbolises trust, communication, and professionalism. The teal colour adds a pop of fun and reminds communications professionals that we are in a creative career for a reason!

Midnight Blue - 082441

Channels Turquoise - 087F8C

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